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April 4, 2002

Upgrade v2.0.6

  • All REGISTERED users of any Sunwatch3D 2.0.X could download free an upgrade to the new 2.0.6 version . You could download it now from download's page (945Kb).

  • Changes from v2.0.5: Fixed litle bug in the reports what always showed a fixed symbol for latitude (N or S), longitude (E or O) or declination of the wall (E or O). This only affected the labels in the reports, all results were valid. (Sorry English people, the program should show W insted of O, oeste)

  • To install the upgrade, please unzip the file and overwrite the old sunwatch20.exe in your instalation dir with this one.

  • For this upgrade to work, you should have installed the full registered version.

March 15, 2001  

Upgrade v2.0.5

  • All REGISTERED users of any Sunwatch3D 2.0.X could download free an upgrade to the new 2.0.5 version. This upgrade (945Kb) needs a full registered version installed in order to work. To get it, just send an email to with your name (the name you used to register) nad you'll get in few days the upgrade file in your email. 


March 10, 2001
  • After long time without notices, we go back with a more mature version: SUNWATCH3D 2.0.5. This is the list of features:

- Bug fixed: Now you really can add new cities to the database
- Minor optimitations made
- Fixed DXF import problem in AutoCad2000

- Fixed 'Invalid Float Number' error when printing

- In Windows2000, text is now drawn.

- More control over longitude correction. Now you can manualy define the longitude correction applied, usefull for places with special time.



May 15, 2000
  • This time there has been more news of those than they had been necessary. Great deception with the service offered by the company Geocities when giving down without previous warning the page of Sunwatch3D and to refuse to give any type of explanations in this respect. Due to this lamentable event the page has been fallen some weeks and it reappears in a new server, sufficiently contrasted so that doesn't happen again in a future

  • Small update of the program to the version 2.01 with the following changes:
    24.4.2000 Version: 2.0.1
         > Corrected the drawing of the signs of the zodiac (transparencies)
         > Corrected the impression to real scale of the gnomon (in occasions the dimensions were cut)
         > Unification of the logo of the program (smaller final size of the exe)
         > Small bugs fixed


April 29, 2000


  • It is already available our automatic generator of sundials (GENERATOR). This program made in JAVA allows to obtain the design of a sundial directly from internet, from your explorer, without download any file and for platforms, not only windows. 


  • It supports at the moment the next sundial types: Vertical, Horizontal, Oblique, Equatorial and of Shepherd. 


April 4, 2000


  • We want to offer a completely free version of a new program in the Sunwatch family,  the new SUNWATCHFUN! 1.1. This program allows to obtain the design in screen of sundials in a completely dynamic and interactive way. That is to say, it can be changed in real time anyone of the parameters that they define a sundial (latitude, longitude, decline of the wall, inclination of the quadrant, separation of the tip of the gnomon) to see their effect immediately on the design. 

Download SUNWATCHFUN! 1.1 (only 250Kb)

  • The program has a purely didactic purpose, and it is directed to all those fans that begin  in the exciting world of the sundials design helping them to understand better and more quickly the paper of all the variables that they intervene in the calculation process. It will also serve the designers with more knowledge, allowing a quick confirmation of their designs.  

  • This version uses the same graphic 2D engine that SUNWATCH3D 2.X, lightly optimized to win in speed (to coast of a small loss in its precision), for what its results are quite correct.

 March 30, 2000

  • Today is the official public lanch of the new version 2.0 of our lead program  SUNWATCH3D. This happens with a delay of five months but the new and power features maked us replaned all the project from the beginnig and now we have a very intuitive and very easy of use product and at the same time potent. We believe that the new 3D view and the high level of customization the  program has now permits that people with interest in sundials but without computer knowlegde could now get profesional results easily. Also we have now a quality product, with better algoritms that calculates much more accurate sundials.

  • You could download the DEMO version and see now all features of the program.

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