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The new programme includes a full 3D surround from which it will be possible to visualize the finished version of the dial once placed in its definitive location. Furthermore, the range of sundials which it is capable of supporting is increasing from day to day (vertical, oblique, equatorial, cylindrical, annular, shepherd's, tubular).


3D representation of the wall with the dial in place, so that you can fully take in the end-product, and orientate its siting to first time designers.

All over this can assure you that the waiting is going to be worth the trouble. SunWatch3D it is, possibly, the best to program design sundials until now made.

To download the complete package, click on the continuation key. Do not forget to send in your views, comments and suggestions, so that the process of improvement can continue.


  Download SUNWATCH3D 2.0.5 DEMO  





The classical programmme for designing vertical quadrants continues to fulfil its function as perfectly as on the very first day. If you simply want to construct a sundial on your house-front, or in a sunlit porch, this is an option worth considering.

SUNWATCH is a programme devised specially for the design and printing of sundials which are vertical: that is to say, those we can see on the walls of buildings and which have a little upright pin whose shadow identifies the hour and - in the most sophisticated ones - the day and the month, too. Dials of this kind have been in use for ages, in various civilizations. Originally they were extreme;y useful, but their usefulness was compromised (i.e. declined) when mechanical clocks were developed. Nowadays they are just highly decorative.

With SUNWATCH v1.2 it becomes easy to dispense with all that series of boring calculations which the classical numerical method imposed, until now. Hitherto, the ability to construct an accurate sundial was confined to people who had a certain technical training (geometry, astronomy, mathematics, technical design), thus only a small number of people could indulge in the luxury of constructing their own sundial.

To test its properties for yourself, you can download this DEMO. Its only drawback is that you cannot change the fixed location.

There are two versions available: one in Spanish and the other in English.


  Download SUNWATCH 1.0 ENGLISH (394 Kb) (DEMO)

  Download SUNWATCH 1.2 SPANISH (470 Kb) (DEMO)





It's a new FREE program that the author offers as education tool for understanding the effects of the diferent parameters over the sundial desining. This program uses the same 2D engine that SUNWATCH3D 2.0 uses.

 This program uses the same 2D engine that SUNWATCH3D 2.0 uses, but configured for a little more render speed.

This small tool results ideal for those beginning sundial designers becouse thay could check now they designs quickly. 

Download FREE SunwatchFUN! 1.1  (265 Kb)



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